​"We know more about the movement of celestial bodies than about the soil underfoot"  
Leonardo da Vinci

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Residential Roof Saskatoon 2015.JPG

New Residential Green Roof Installation - Saskatoon: June 2015

Aug. 11.jpg

Residential Green Roof Installation - Saskatoon: August Blooms 2015​​

Pasture sage blooms in September.JPG

Residential Green Roof Installation - Saskatoon: Coverage as of September 2015​​


Jean-philippe Pargade's Paris Campus complete with undulating green roofs. For more images of the campus ... see: Design Boom


Corn Beans & Squash NCFST Roof Toronto.jpg

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

Whole Foods Lynnfield MA.jpg

Whole Foods Grocery Store Green Roof Garden

Whole_foods_lynnfield MA In Store Wall Posted Roof Produce Information.jpg

Whole Foods in-store signage (zero miles!)

Parkade Rooftop Tomatoes 1.jpg

Parkade Rooftop: Container Tomato Research at University of Saskatchewan​ 2014

Soil and Street.JPG

Plants and Garden Patch 1.JPG

Container green roof installation with indigenous plants - Saskatoon June 2015

2015-08-24 14.36.03.jpg

Container green roof - Saskatoon August 2015

Writer's Shed 1.jpg

Writer's Shed 2.jpg

Newly Planted Backyard Shed Roof - Saskatoon​

Hawaii affordable housing project includes organic rooftop garden​:



  Banyan Street Manor ​​- Honolulu


  Upper Green Roof, College of Law Addition - University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

​​​Law Upper Roof2.JPG

   Upper Green Roof, College of Law Addition - University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Stealth Residence Vancouver.jpg

  Stealth Residence - Vancouver B.C.​

Chicago Uncommon Ground Organic Roof and Restaurant below.jpg

   Uncommon Ground Organic Roof and Restaurant - Chicago​


   Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm - Queens, New York


   Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm - Queens, New York

Poster - RichardParker_Green_Roof_Bus_Shelter.pdf