​"We know more about the movement of celestial bodies than about the soil underfoot"  
Leonardo da Vinci

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Green Roofs and Rooftop Horticulture,

E​ducation, Advocacy​ and Project Consulting​​​

Green Roofs can work well in our region and provide numerous benefits. Please refer to the 101 page and resources listed here. Contact us anytime to learn more and about how we can help you consider a green roof.​​​

Think a non-irrigated residential green roof in a dry northern prairie climate isn't exactly viable? Think again: Saskatoon Home Magazine Summer 2016

Check out the video above on how we installed a residential green roof last year - in less than one minute ;o) A very big thank you goes out to owners Julie Barnes (Juba Life)​ and Josh Remai as well as Brent Martian (480 Consulting​)

Soil and Street.JPGPlants and Garden Patch 1.JPG

Here are a couple of photos above of the community garden green roof we installed in 2015 at the Garden Patch along with much more information on the blog post. Thanks to UofS GroundsShercom, and 480 Consulting for their contributions. And thanks to Brit MacDonald who asked if the Garden Patch could possibly have a green 'pollinator' roof. We compared notes on native species and it was planted up on the 25th of June. Come check it out and see how it survived its first winter! 

Curious to know more about green roofs in our local environment? Come and learn about Green Roofs at my presentation: 6:00 p.m. August 3rd 2016 at the Garden Patch!